Mr Superhero Fetish 2022


Greetings fellow Heroes. 

After the difficult lockdown periodcaused by this villainous disease, the time has come to join forces and assemble. We all suffered from restrictions applied on entertainment and social and recreational centres, but we will rise as one European fetish community in our safe place: the Darklands sanctum.

We invite all heroes and their acolytes to the second chapter of our European Super Hero trilogy. As always, our extravaganza contest involves compelling contestant shows, strange yet funny hosts, and many twists and turns that will move your superhero hearts. 

After ‘Time to come home’ in 2020, we bring you the ‘No Way Home’ spectacle in 2022. Each contestant will wander across the multiverse, rediscovering the true meaning of « home » and « family » in our superhero fetish community. 

Their journey will lead them from Gotham City to the Avenger world, from Kinky place to more Evil world. There will be fights, there will be crimes, but their friendship and unity will lead them into this grand battle. Ultimately, they may find a better version of themselves and reveal the 2022’s Super-Hero Fetish.

Are you strong enough to take part in this adventure? Does your heart feel like a true hero?  Or do you just want to watch this crazy show? Join us on stage or be our guest at Darklands, we promise you a memorable moment.

Heroes Assemble!


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Prize Packages

Mr Superhero Fetish 2022

• WR1 travel fund share
• 250 pounds voucher by Regulation
• Alpha Madness Pass Darklands 2021
• 1-year premier membership to Recon
• 1-year subscription to
• Surprise Bag with sex toys (value 50 €) by
• Mr. Superhero Europe sash
• Superhero Trophy by Fan – Geek Store

1st runner up

• Madness Pass 2021 by Darklands
• 3 months subscription to
• 3 months membership to Recon
• Surprise Bag (value 30 €) by

2nd runner up

• Madness Pass 2021 by Darklands
• 3 months subscription to
• 1-month membership to Recon
• Surprise Bag  (value 20 €) by




Show info

Saturday 7 May 
Mr-S-Leather Stage
Between 2:30 & 4:30 pm

Saturday 7 May
Darklands Main Stage
Between 5:50 & 6:30m


Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp