Second Hand Gear Market

Will you resist to buy new gear at Darklands? Probably not! Do a bargain and give gear a second life. When you open your closet at home you would find gear in good shape but no longer in use! MSC’s second hand gear market is the solution!

How it works

Bring good-in-shape second-hand gear to Darklands and drop it off for sales at the MSC Belgium stand or one of the pre-drop-off moments.  

If your gear gets sold, up to 90% of profit goes back to you (with a minimum of 5 euro/item going to MSC Belgium). At the same time, maybe you’ll find the bargain of your life! 

The remaining profit will go fully to MSC Belgium and help them to support the Belgian Fetish community throughout the year!

Gear drop-off times and locations

Friday 1 March 2024
10 am – 1 pm: at the Darklands check-in desk

1 – 9 pm: at the MSC Belgium 2nd hand gear market

Saturday 2 March 2024
1 – 4:30 pm: at theMSC Belgium 2nd hand gear market


The 2nd hand gear market is located in the Community Zone tent.