Welcome messages

We’re longing to see each other again after such a long time of separation. The ambassadors of Darklands below are the first to welcome you with open arms.

Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Organiser Darklands

Imagine a world where you can live out your fetish to the max. Where no heads turn as they throw disapproving looks. A space where everyone is equal. No matter your age, physique, skin colour, or ethnicity.

It may seem like that kind of world will only exist in a very distant future, if ever. But some people, like Daniel Dumont, have been trying to create a community and safe places where likeminded people could meet. As well as Daniel, there are hundreds of people – men, women, and X – who work tirelessly on through various fetish organisations across the world to make that ideal world a reality.

Darklands is no different. It’s a place where everyone with a shared interest in fetish can escape from everyday life for a weekend and let their inner kinkster out. A place where you can be who you are and who you want to be.

There’s a lot of work to be done before fetishism is widely accepted in society. But we’re building that road brick by brick. We do it with people we can rely upon, as I used to do with my dear friend Kenny. Together we can make a difference.

Imagine that.


in memory of

Daniel Dumont
24 February 1959 – 23 March 2020

Kenny Deliens
5 July 1985 – 13 April 2021


International MR Rubber 2020/2021

If you are attending Darklands for the first time, I can guarantee you that you will come back for more. 

Why? Because Darklands is a safe space where we can discover ourselves. By seeing new things for the first time, by trying out new games (the demo area is stunning!), by meeting old and new friends, or buying gear we didn’t know we needed ;-). We can even learn and discuss kinky stuff at the educational sessions before dancing our bums off (or lubing them up) at night! 

And it is not only the programme that becomes more varied each time. The public is also more and more diverse every year. Rubberists, sportswear  lovers, age players, puppies, leathermen, superheroes, you name it! 

Everybody under the same roof. Together. We make our own magic world.

I wish you a weekend of fun and discoveries. Keep shining!


Mr Rubber Netherlands 2020-2021
Mr International Rubber 2020-2021

Stevio Blackhart

Mr Leather Europe 2020/2021

Fetish and traveling are a perfect combination. There is no better way to explore the world, have fun, and find friendships that truly last for a lifetime.

Sometimes, some events may find a spot in your heart. Darklands has become a mandatory place to be every single year. 

It’s like Christmas for kinksters! This long weekend has everything you could wish for! 

Meeting friends, doing some shopping at the market, discovering more about the fetish world, admiring fetish photographs, learning about kinky practices and, last but not least, living your fantasies with no inhibitions!

You’ll feel at home, guaranteed. I can’t wait to hug you all at Darklands, again.

Stevio Blackhart

Mr. Leather Europe 2020-2022


Mr Leather Belgium 2020/2021

Inclusion within the fetish scene has always been my priority. I couldn’t be more proud of the space that Darklands has created where everybody can be how they want to be. 

Year after year, Darklands has proven to be the epicentre of everything that the fetish community can offer. And it includes everyone within the fetish scene. It’s important to remember that everybody deserves their place because #WeAreFetish. 

If you’re looking for new or used gear, want to have a drink at the socials with old or new friends, or if you want to educate yourself through masterclasses and liveshows, you won’t be disappointed. Kinksters will dance for their lives or dive into a darker maze for adventure. 

Name it and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

So shine up your gear and pack your fetish bags for The 12th edition of Darklands. Belgium is looking forward to welcome you again for the kinkiest ride you’ve been waiting for.


Mr Leather Belgium 2020 – 2021


Mr Superhero Fetish 2020/2021

The Darklands is one of the biggest European fetish festivals and undoubtedly, one of the best organized and most beautiful that I’ve ever had the honor to do ! I’m very proud to say that the Darklands are Belgian !

It’s a fantastic place where all fetishes are accepted and even encouraged ! From leather fetish to rubber, puppy play and even fandom furry to superheroes Everyone in his place and importance, the whole, with deep respect for human values. Only at Darklands have I been able to find such respect.

I also believe that it will be a huge benefit for the fetish community to finally be able to meet after the health crisis we’ve just passed.  I hope to see many of you again !

Be proud of who you are, proud of your fetish and above all, be the superhero of your story !


Mr. Superhero Fetish 2020-2021


European Bootblack 2020/2021

So it’s been a while since the last Darklands in March 2020, and the world is quite a different place in many ways now.  I’m looking forward to getting back to enjoying the bootblack stand again and meeting leather folk, fetish folk, pups and bootblacks from all over Europe and beyond once more.  

My title years (2020/2021) during the pandemic have been challenging, and often I know we have all struggled to find the connection with our communities. 

Blacking boots, teaching classes and holding events over zoom has been invaluable over this time, but it can’t replace doing it in the flesh. 

It’s good we can hold this wonderful event again and experience all the exciting things Darklands has to offer.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there! 

Alistair LeatherHiraeth

European Bootblack 2020-2021