We Are One

About We Are One

The We Are One Foundation supports and empowers the fetish community. It is the charity organisation that has activities during Darklands where money is collected for the travel fund of new titleholders and charity. Throughout the year it supports the community in various other ways and offers information about the fetish community to the wider audience..

We Are One at Darklands

At Darklands We Are One collects money through various fundraisers. The money is then split in equal shares between the new titleholders elected at Darklands and a charity picked by Darklands, one that changes every year.


For titleholders to properly execute their mission, a lot of traveling is required. And traveling comes with a cost. Being a titleholder is an expensive occupation, in both time and money. At Darklands we try to lighten the burden by offering each of the freshly elected representatives of our community a start budget to cover the first costs of voyages and hotels. The current titles are: Mr. Leather Belgium, Mr. Superhero Europe, European Bootblack, European Handler and European Puppy.


Each year we pick a charity as one of our beneficiaries. In 2022 our charity was ‘Lumi’. Lumi is a contact center for LGBTQ+ people suffering from mental distress. They saw a 60% increase in calls for help during the Covid-19 pandemic. Darklands is proud to have supported this beautiful initiative. Our charity event for 2023 will be announced soon.

Information about the fetish community

We are one can be found at events with and info booth where various Belgian fetish clubs can be found under one roof. We offer information about the scene, the clubs and the events to those who are interested to know more about our wonderful community.

We Are One at Antwerp Pride Village 2021 (MSC Belgium, Belgian Rubbermen, The Boots, Darklands, We Are Fetish)

Lending service

We Are One offers a free lending service to Belgian fetish clubs to support their organisation. Examples of the materials we plan to purchase and lend in the future are tables, benches, play furniture, etc …

With the proceedings of Darklands 2022, 9 professional party tents were purchased which Belgian fetish clubs can lend for free for their activities. 

We Are One - various campaigns

We Are One aims to support the growth and durability of our community with various campaigns. It is our believe that joining forces between Darklands and other events, clubs and organisations will lead to a stronger and more prosperous community. 

Folsom Europe

Most recently it organised a fundraiser to support Folsom Europe. That charity event was looking at impossible financial challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic.. In less than 36 hours the goal of € 10.000 was reached. A few days later the campaign was ended with € 12.500 collected.