General Ticket Information

Single & Combi Tickets

You can purchase single admission to one of the events or choose for a multiple day ticket that grants access throughout the entire festival.

Combi Tickets

Alpha Experience
Access to the Daytime Festival on all four days and the Mayhem, Fusion, Rage and Fury parties. Includes various Alpha perks.
Madness PassAccess to the Daytime Festival on all four days and the Mayhem, Fusion, Rage and Fury parties.
Daytime Festival Access to the Daytime Festival on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Includes access to the Mayhem party on Thursday.

Single Party Tickets

FusionAccess to the Fusion party on Friday night.
Access to the Rage party on Saturday night.
FuryAccess to the Fury party on Sunday evening.

Darklands Bar

You don’t need to purchase a ticket to enter the Darklands Bar which is located in front of the main festival entrance.

Ticket Comparison


Enhance your visit with various add-ons that are available for advance purchase in the ticket shop. 

You can enjoy a wonderful dinner, join one of the many outstanding activities and reserve your locker in advance. Click on the links below to make a booking or for more information.


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Wristband pick up

Avoid the queues and pick up your wristband(s) at any given time during the opening hours of Darklands Bar. Click here to discover the Darklands Bar (coming soon).

You can exchange all types of entry tickets for a wristband (Alpha Madness, Madness, Fusion, Rage, Fury, Darklands, Horse Fair).


Darklands Hangout Bar

Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen
In front of Waagnatie, the festival venue.


WED 26 February 20252 – 10 pm
THU 27 February 202510 am – 3 am
FRI 28 February 2025
10 am – 6 am
SAT 1 March 202510 am – 6 am
SUN 2 March 202510 am – 1 am

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Tickets to be offered on are limited to:
• Alpha Madness Pass
• Madness Pass
• Daytime Festival
• Fusion
• Rage

• Fury
For organizational reasons, other ticket types such as lockers and add-ons cannot be offered on (coming soon).

Do not buy Darklands tickets on the black market. Scammers are known to sell counterfeit tickets. 

Ticket Refunds

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable.