Horse Fair

On Saturday you can join our horse fair, hosted by The Boots. 

The main darkroom will be reserved exclusively for this event. Choose wether you’ll join as blindfolded mare (bottom) or hungry stallion (top). A team of stablemasters will take care of the safety of the mares.

Practical info

Mares enter between 17:00 and 17:30
Stallions enter between 17:30 and 18:00
The party will last for about two hours, or until 21:00 if the horses are having fun.

How to participate

You must have a valid Darklands entry ticket, and you must purchase an add-on ticket to enter the Horse Fair. Tickets are limited. You can buy them (€13) in advance at our online ticket shop. You’ll need to choose if you’re joining as a mare or a stallion when you purchase the ticket.


Show your Horse Fair Ticket at the main festival entrance desk. Your ticket will be scanned and you receive your  your wristband for the Horse Fair. 
Proceed to the main darkroom next to the Mainstage.
You can now easily enter showing your wristband.

Game rules


  • The mares will present them self at the darkroom entrance between 17:00 and 17:30
  • The mares are completely naked (harness, jockstrap, chaps, cockring, socks and wrist wraps are allowed) Footwear is required.
  • The mares have a good hygiene (anal rinsed).
  • The mares will be offered a hood.
  • The stable master will escort the mares to the playroom where they will be prepared for the stallions.
  • The mares are kept blindfolded until the end of the game 
  • Whenever a mare needs a drink, a pee or cigarette, they can call a stable master. He will bring the mare to mares resting room. The time of this break is limited.

Mares: rules

  • Blindfolds/masks are kept on during the entire game.
  • Sexual acts between mares are prohibited.
  • Mares cannot refuse a stallion.


  • The stallions will present themselves at the darkroom entrance between 17:30 and 18:00. The regular dress code applies.
  • The stallions take their time to look, feel and discuss the quality of the mares.
  • Once a mare is chosen, it can be taken at will.

Stallions : rules

  • Sexual acts between stallions are prohibited.
  • Hoods may not be removed from the mares.
  • When a mare indicates a break is needed, this will be respected by the stallion.
  • Kissing/sucking with a mare is only allowed when explicitly indicated by the mare itself. It cannot be forced.
  • Aggressive acts towards the mares is forbidden.

In general

  • The stable masters have the right to check if the safe-sex preference is respected.
  • Infriction of one of the above rules give the stable master the right to give a penalty. This goes from expulsion of the game for several minutes, until removal from Darklands.
  • Mares or Stallions under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be removed from the game.
  • During the game, no role switch of mare/Stallion is possible.

Required tickets

Access with a Stallion or Mare Horse Fair Ticket in combination with a valid festival entry ticket (Daytime Festival, Madness Pass or Alpha Madness Pass.

Party info

Horse Fair
Horse Fair at Darklands
Main Darkroom next to Mainstage

Saturday 11 March 2023
€ 13
Add-on ticket

Hosting partner