Lockers come in two sizes: small (1-2 persons) and large (2-3 persons). Our lockers use a digital lock so you won’t have to cary a key.

You can rent a locker at the event (single rental only) or you can rent a locker in advance in the webshop for a day rental or weekend rental and be sure of the locker size you prefer. A weekend locker will be at your disposal during the entire duration of the event. Single or day lockers will be emptied after your rental period has expired.

Rental prices

SINGLE RENTAL (only available at the event)
1 event (e.g. Darklands on Friday or Rage on Saturday)
LARGE € 10  

DAY RENTAL (only online!)
2 events on the same day (e.g. Darklands on Friday and Fusion)
SMALL € 10
LARGE € 15 

WEEKEND (only online!)
All events, Thursday to Sunday
SMALL € 17
LARGE € 25   

Advance code delivery

If you decide to order a locker in advance, you will receive your locker number and code by e-mail 1 week in advance. This way you won’t have to queue at the venue.

Alpha Madness & Dark World

Alpha Madness & Dark World tickets include a personal large locker in the Alpha changing area.

Locker sizes

 Locker Small


 Locker Large


1-2 persons
Approx. size : 25x35x45 cm


2-3 persons
Approx. size : 30x43x45 cm


• There’s no need to pay a deposit, our lockers work with a digital code.
• Lockers will be emptied after the rental period has ended.
• Codes will only work for the event/period you’ve chosen.
• Use of the lockers at own risk
• Keep your code secret