Welcome to Darklands, where community thrives and every guest is embraced as part of our family.

Behind the scenes, a vibrant network of volunteers from diverse fetish organizations and clubs powers our event, from managing entrances to keeping the bars buzzing and ensuring everything is pristine.

As our event continues to expand, we’re always seeking passionate individuals to join our team. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the scene, there’s a place for you here. Come be a part of something special, forge connections, and make memories that last a lifetime. Join us in shaping the unforgettable experience that is Darklands.

What would you like to go for?

We need people for:

  • entrance
  • wristband check
  • bag check
  • drink token sale
  • bar
  • stage hands
  • stock management
  • cloakroom
  • build up
  • break down
  • steward
  • runners
  •  …

Join our team

Darklands thrives on the energy and passion of the amazing volunteers from supporting fetish clubs and organizations who keep the excitement alive year after year. If you’re keen to be a part of the action and lend a hand during the event, we’d love to have you on board! Simply fill out the form below to apply, and our volunteer manager will reach out to you shortly.  Let’s make Darklands unforgettable together!

With love and gratitude

Joining the volunteer team is not just about lending a hand, it’s about nurturing and strengthening our vibrant community. Your dedication and generosity contribute to the heart and soul of Darklands, and for that, we (and our guests) are truly grateful.

Each volunteer receives a daily expense allowance via the club or organization through which they are helping out. This expense allowance is set by law to cover any incurred costs, such as travel expenses.

But that’s not all! As part of our volunteer family, you’re invited to our exclusive annual Crew Party, where you can mingle, unwind, and celebrate with fellow volunteers.

And for those who lend a hand in cleaning or break down, there’s an extra treat—a warm invitation to join your team mates for a delightful dinner.

Thank you for helping to make Darklands an unforgettable experience for all of our guests!

Safety and insurance

Your safety matters at Darklands. As a volunteer, you’re covered by insurance  in case of an injury, for example. We prioritize safe working conditions, providing all necessary tools and materials. Remember, only undertake tasks you’re comfortable with and stay informed by communicating with your team leader.

Together, we’ll ensure a secure and enjoyable volunteering experience for all. Join us in creating unforgettable moments while contributing to our vibrant community at Darklands!


Welcome aboard! Arrive 30 to 45 minutes before your shift starts for registration. It’s crucial for legal and insurance purposes. 

After you register, our crew coordinator will guide you to your station, where you will receive a brief orientation based on the job description you will receive in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Expect your volunteer expenses, covering the fixed amount by law of up to €40/day for transport, food, and more, to be reimbursed within 6 weeks post-event. 

Join us in making Darklands an incredible experience while enjoying the perks of volunteering. And most of all, enjoy this unforgettable experience!