You can easily call Darklands a family event. Our large group of volunteers are the thriving force behind entrance, bar, build up and cleaning. Our ever-growing event is always looking for extra helping hands.

Join our team

An event is nothing without its volunteers to keep the circus going. The group of people involved grows every year. If you would like to give us a helping hand throughout the weekend, register yourself as a volunteer via the link below.

Of course, we’re happy to offer you access to one of the Darklands events and a small travel expense.

If you wish to become a volunteer, send us an e-mail on info@darklands.com.

As a volunteer family member you’ll be invited for our annual drink after Darklands and the fall kick-off event. If you helped in the cleaning or break down team there’s also a warm invite for a dinner with your team mates.

Possible tasks

We need people for:

  • entrance
  • wristband check
  • bag check
  • drink token sale
  • bar
  • cloakroom
  • build up
  • break down
  • steward
  • runners
  •  …

Safety and insurance

When working as a volunteer you are insured by Darklands in case you may need medical support. Our goal is to have the safest working conditions. Don’t do dangerous tasks that you’re not familiar with. Inform yourself with your team leader.


Please arrive between 45 and 30 minutes prior to the start of your shift. On arrival you need to register. This is important for legal and insurance reasons. Your team leader will take you to your station for a quick briefing. Your volunteer expenses (€30 / day) will be wired to your bank account in the first 6 weeks after the event.

You’ll receive a crew t-shirt. When you work multiple days, please take care of the washing in between shifts. You receive only one t-shirt.