Our Diverse And Inclusive Family

Diversity and inclusivity of all are not just positives for those who are often under-represented among our number, but enhance our whole community by expanding the ethos and feel of Darklands. 

Not every event has to be designed to fit everyone, but keeping diversity & inclusivity at the forefront of our minds when planning Darklands for its intended audience will help us continue to move forward. Values we’d love to share with our visiting guests.


We keep cables, wires and drains in the air above peoples head as much as possible or when that is not possible, build a ramp or cable/drain tray and alternative routes.
Upon request special reserved parking space for disabled is available (Parking at the venue entrance).
Guidance dogs are allowed on the festival grounds. Make sure they are easy recognizable.
Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the festival site.

Click here for more information about guests with disabilities.

Hearing impaired

At the daytime festival several parts of the program on the Main Stage will be offering an interpreter for our guests with hearing difficulties. Click here for more information about guests with disabilities.

Medical Prescriptions

Medication is allowed in Darklands for health reasons, though please ensure you have a valid medical certificate for anything you need to bring in. We can only allow the use of medication if you can present a valid medical prescription/certificate when asked for.

Dietary restrictions

Bringing your own food or drinks to the event is not allowed. If you require specific nutritiens or suffer from dietary restrictions (gluten or lactose intollerance for example) you are more than welcome to bring that along with you when you bring a valid medical certificate.


At our event, strobe lighting and loud music will be used during our evening parties, and the space during the daytime can get busy. We understand that as a result some of our spaces can be unfriendly to those who are neurodivergent at times, and would like to offer the following tips to our guests:

• Free ear plugs are available at the Darklands merchandise shop.
• If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you are always welcome to leave and come back as you please. There are plenty of quiet, cool spaces outside the venue.
• Certain times tend to be more crowded.


Trans+ including, but not limited to, Trans males (a man who was assigned female at birth), Trans females (a female who was assigned male at birth), Non-binary (an umbrella term for people whose gender identity doesn’t fit comfortably within ‘male’ or ‘female’) etc. are more than welcome in our spaces during the daytime events.

Our parties are designated as male-centric and are for those comfortable in a male-centric space. Therefore anyone who is encompassed within this designation is welcome to attend our parties including cis men, trans men, masc and androgynous presenting non-binary people, etc.

Trans women, cis women and those of other non-masculine identities are very welcome to join the Darklands daytime festival.

Female visitors

The daytime festival is open to all. Due to the nature of the parties at night are specifically male-centric and are for those comfortable in a male-centric space. We hope to find a strong partner in the near future to offer mixed parties for trans women, cis women and other encompassing identities.