Darklands DJ Contest

Darklands wants to support upcoming artists with a new dj contest. This is your chance to shine on stage at Darklands.


The winner of the Darklands 2023 DJ Contest is LADY SUNSHINE from Frankfurt, Germany!

She will be invited to open the Closing party Fury on Sunday 12 March 2023!

Remarks from the judges:
Alejandro Alvarez: ‘A strong presentation with a great sound’
William Sizen Bell: ‘She is passionate, great mixing, nice flow and the one that made me dance’

Prize package

  • Opening set of fury, the closing party on Sunday 12 March
  • An Alpha Madness Pass
  • Expenses covered

Enter the competition

  • Send in a video of yourself playing a set to info@darklands.com
  • Include your a picture, dj name and background information
  • Filetype: .mpeg4 / .mpg4 / .avi / .mov
  • Maximum 30 minutes
  • Deadline: Monday 5 September 9 am CEST

Judging panel

Points of attention

The judges will be looking at various aspects of deejaying to see if you can capture that Darklands vibe that we are looking for.

  • Music style and choice
  • Presentation / performance
  • Technical quality
  • Suitability for a large light show
  • X-factor