The passing on of knowledge in our community is one of the main goals of our mission at Darklands. The instructors are either professionals or experienced in their field of expertise. Each class lasts for one hour and is given in English.

Seats for each Masterclass are limited to 25. You can reserve your seat via the Darklands ticket shop on Seats come at a small fee starting at €12 to cover materials and instructors’ expenses. 

Masterclass Locations

Most Masterclasses at Darklands take place in the classrooms. However, some take place at other locations on the festival grounds, usually to use the facilities, for example for Suspension bondage classes.

The festival area is vast. Explore the locations in advance so that you arrive on time. Our staff at the check-in desk or the info point will be happy to help you.


We have two classrooms at our disposal where Masterclasses take place. These classrooms can be accessed via the corridor between the main entrance and the wristband checkpoint.


Certain Masterclasses require the use of the facilities in our Hardplay area. This is located in the main playroom in Hal 2 on the first level. You can easily access it via the stairs next to the bar.


The Cigar Lounge is located at the outer end of the Community tent. Note that we gather at the classrooms and go to the Cigar Lounge together.

Masterclasses schedule

Teaching a masterclass

Passing knowledge to the new generations in our community is a honourable and fulfilling activity. Darklands has prepared space for instructors to give Masterclasses.

We’ve created a dedicated Education Coordinators team to help presenters prepare their classes and with the on-site logistics, so you can concentrate on delivering the best masterclasses possible.

 If you would like to pass on your knowledge about a fetish related subject, fill out the form via the link below and our Education Coordinators will be in touch with you shortly. Various subjects are possible. Some examples: gear care, gear reparations, disciplines, mental health, …

Click here to submit a request to give a Masterclass at Darklands 2025.

Please note:

  • Darklands does not arrange travel and accommodation.
  • You can teach without a festival entry wristband. If you would like to visit the festival besides your Masterclass(es) you will need to purchase an entry ticket.
  • You can present a masterclass for free or charge a fee of your choice  to cover expenses.
  • Darklands provides a separate low-noise room with chairs and tables
  • There is a possibility to use a flip-over or a large TV with laptop.
  • Specific requests can be handled by e-mail:

Required tickets

You can join a Masterclass with a Masterclass ticket in combination with a Day Festival ticket, an Alpha Madness ticket or a Madness Ticket.

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