What Darklands is all about

The Annual Once In A Lifetime

Before you purchase your tickets, make yourself acquainted with the unforgettable and at the same time dedicated experience you are about to emerge yourself into and what it is all about. 


Darklands is not a party. It’s not a show. It’s not a darkroom. It’s not a bar. It’s not a vendor market. 

Darklands is an all encompassing experience combining the above and more. All dedicated to anyone who wants to be part of our fetish family. 

That said, if you are looking for a cheap fuck, Darklands is probably not the place you’re looking for. When you visit Darklands you join a celebration of fetish freedom. You take part in writing a new chapter in fetish history as well as in your own personal story as you submerge yourself into ‘an annual once in a lifetime experience’. 


We consider ourselves a family. A home where people of different kink backgrounds come together to celebrate our freedom, friendship and love for the fetish community. At Darklands you’ll encounter members of the many kink community’s, often ones you haven’t heard of before. At Darklands we build bridges, we meet, we learn and above all, we respect everyone’s fetish. And that’s what you are expected to do as wel if you step into our ‘home’ in all its diversity.


Darklands is a gay fetish community festival. When you purchase your ticket, you are not just treating yourself to an unforgettable experience, you are also supporting our fetish community. From day one Darklands mission is to supports fetish clubs, brands, events and elections within our community. 

Darklands facilitates clubs and organisations with their elections, performances and more by offering a team of dedicated professionals, mesmerising stages and an experience out of this world.

For our clubs and organisations booth space is provided in the Community Zone at our expense, because we care. 

Darklands supports innumerable titleholder elections with prize packages, because we believe it matters.


When you join Darklands your contribution makes a difference for our community. I’m personally grateful that you support those who make our community a possibility. A reality. A family.

And most important, something we’ll need to fight for. The future isn’t looking as bright as it once did for us ‘deviants’. Now is the time to be one together and arm ourselves for the challenges ahead.


If our mission to inspire, connect, educate, entertain and support a community in its whole and those who want to grow in their sexual identity is close to your heart, then join us. United we stand.

Take a look at the people who make this event possible. More than 40 coordinators, more than 500 volunteers and dozens of operators and freelancers, and the number grows every year. All dedicated to our community, to Darklands.

You can only unite so many people working together toward a common goal if it comes from their hearts.

That’s what unites them. That’s what Darklands is all about.