Complimentary Services

Darklands provides a series of complimentary services to enhance your visit. 


If Darklands or the parties get too noisy for you, head to the info booth & merchandise shop. They’ll be happy to provide you with a free pair of earplugs. 


All events are strictly non-smoking. This includes e-cigarettes. However, you can enjoy a puff in the smokers’ lounge or go outside. Re-entry is possible with your wristband. 

Condoms, Lubes And Gloves

Free condoms, lube, and gloves (in multiple sizes) are available at various locations such as the entrances to the playrooms. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the venue.

Shuttle Bus Service

Darklands provides free shuttle busses between the Fusion and Rage parties and the official host hotels. Busses are reserved for host hotel guests who booked through the Darklands website and present their bus card which they received during check-in.

Click here for more information about the shuttle bus service