To ensure all of our guests to experience a safe and unforgettable event there are a series of house rules to obtain just that. 


Smoking is prohibited by Belgian law on the entire premises. This includes e-cigarettes. Smoking is allowed outside or in the smokers lounges.

Prohibited items

Animals, own food and drinks, drugs, glass, aerosol dispensers, sticks, cans, plastic/ PET bottles and sharp objects or any other object that the organisation can consider as dangerous. Our security team has the last word in case of discussion.

Zero tolerance drugs policy

It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on the festival ground. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival ground. In extreme situations you will be banned from Darklands and The Boots for three years.

Posters, flyers and promotional items

You can not distribute flyers and/or posters at Darklands except at the flyer desk near the entrance. All unauthorized flyers or posters will be removed. If you want to promote your event you can pick one of the many marketing opportunities the festival offers. Please contact for more info. Placing flyers on the flyer desk is free of charge.

Refund policy

All sales are final. Tickets can not be refunded. This includes entry tickets and all add-on tickets.


Our fetish community is based on respect. Please treat other visitor, whatever their fetish is, with the kind of respect you wish to be handled yourself. People who disrespect the other guests experience will be removed by our security team without a ticket refund.

Pictures and video recordings

Not all of our visitors are ‘out of the fetish closet’. If you use your camera, for selfies for instance, you must make sure that no other guests are visible/recognisable. This includes our staff.

Recording video or making pictures in the Darkrooms is strictly forbidden.

There are several official photographers on site to make pictures and video recordings for future promotional use. If you don’t mind being recorded feel free to pose. If you do not wish to be recorded notify the photographer or cameraman and make sure to keep a short distance to make sure you won’t get caught on camera by accident.

If you find yourself on a picture or video and wish to be removed, you can contact

No rights can be derived from used images.

Lost or removed wristbands

A wristband is only valid when it is secured around your wrist. In case you wish to remove the wristband for any reason (fisting) on the festival grounds, you can exchange the removed wristband for a new one at the entrance before you leave the venue. Once outside you can not exchange a removed wristband.

If you loose your wristband, it is not possible to get a new one. So make sure to secure it around your wrist and it can’t fall off.