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Beyond Classic is the updated concept of the previous Classic Meets Fetish. The event has developed into an artistic experience that goes beyond classical music and fetish clothing. Professional, qualified and internationally distinguished musicians  and performers take stage in fetish outfits. Classical music is mixed with contemporary performing arts taking you to places youve never been before.

Baroque music is in many ways very distant from us, but in some ways also very close, downright inspiringly topical: on the opera stage we find a gender fluidity that one could hardly imagine more modern. Men sing women in dresses, women sing men in trousers, and the highest paid of all are castrated men who embody women and men, and gods at that. The Artificial counts for much more than the natural, the Artificial is valued much more than the unedited.

The opera stage of the Baroque is full of heroes and heroines. We planned to show this in a program about Super Heroes. But as a result of the CoVid pandemia we have to change plans. We will now dive into DANGERS AND PLEASURES OF THE NIGHT – and there are a lot offered by Baroque music: from Vivaldis concerto “La notte” up to Orpheus’ search for his love in eternal darkness. 

Fetish Baroque brings emotional highlights of baroque opera back to life, starring male soprano Philipp Mathmann. But the show will also explore how a todays singer-songwriter uses period baroque intruments: Gregory Frateur, well
known Antwerp artist, will sing some of his most impressing songs. And performance artist Evilyn Frantic from Finland will add her stunning body art on the borderline from pleasure to pain.


Beyond Classic Antwerp is organised by volunteers. Most of the production costs (venue rent, musicians, sound and lights, and catering) are donated by our generous partners and sponsors. This way, we can generate the maximum amount of money from the concert to donate to charity. Donations will go to the travel funds of the titleholders elected at Darklands Belgium and Lumi.

Lumi is a Belgian organisation (formerly known as ‘De Holebifoon’) that offers information and a listening ear to everyone with LGBTQ questions. It is dedicated to LGBTQ psychological wellbeing. During lockdown Lumi registered 60% more contacts. It is without a doubt that psychological wellbeing of LGBTQ people is under pressure. Darklands is proud to present Lumi as this years beneficiary of the We Are one foundation.


Beyond Classic Antwerp takes place in the beautiful concert hall and former church, AMUZ. You can find it at Kammenstraat 81, 2000 Antwerpen

Car parking:
Q-Park: Kammenstraat 31
Q-Park: Lombardenvest 24-28
Parking Oudaan: Oudaan 15

Public transport:
There are several stops in the vicinity.


Tickets can be purchased in our ticket shop.

We have 5 different seating categories.

+ Cat. A: rows 1 – 5 = € 59
+ Cat. B: rows 6 – 10 = € 49
+ Cat. C: rows 11 – 15 = € 39
+ Cat. D: rows 16 – 18 = € 29
+ Cat. E: rows 19 – 20 = € 19


Doors as from 19u30 – Start 20u00 (punctual)

Michael Hell, harpsichord, recorder, musical director

Philipp Mathmann, singer
Gregory Frateur, singer

Evilyn Frantic, performance

Lidewij van der Voort, violin 1
Barbara Konrad, violin 2
Gunda Hagmüller-Wieninger, viola
Alex Gropper, violoncello
Georg Kroneis, double bass & Viola da Gamba

Katalin Horvath, transverse flute
Molly McDolan, baroque oboe
Kevin Manent-Navratil, harpsichord 

Thomas Höft, dramaturgy
Michael Hell, musical director
Georg Kroneis, artistic director


Part 1

Gregory Frateur                                                                                                                              
Dance With Me · Dez Mona · B.O.X
Solo: Gregory Frateur

Georg Friedrich Händel 1685 – 1759                                        
»Un vostro sguardo«
(from the opera Giustino, London 1737)
Solo: Philipp Mathmann, soprano

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685 -1750                                                    
Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord in c minor BWV 1017
Soli: Lidewij van der Voort, violin & Michael Hell, harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach                                      
Musette in D major BWV Anhang 126 (Arrangement: Michael Hell)
(from the second notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Leipzig 1725)

Benedetto Marcello 1673 – 1747                                               
Concerto for Oboe and Strings in d minor
Solo: Molly McDolan, oboe 

Joseph-NicolasPancrace Royer 1703 – 1755
La Marche des Scythes
Solo: Michael Hell, harpsichord

Christoph Willibald Gluck 1714 – 1787                                    
»Che faro senza Euridice«
»Dance of the Blessed Spirits«                                                 
(from the opera Orfeo ed Euridice, Wien 1762)
Solo: Philipp Mathmann, soprano & Evilyn Frantic, performance

Georg Philipp Telemann 1681 – 1767                                       
Concerto in e minor
Soli: Katalin Horvath, flute & Michael Hell, recorder & Evilyn Frantic, performance


Part 2

Gregory Frateur                                                                             
Does it Make You Happy · Dez Mona · B.O.X
Solo: Gregory Frateur

Antonio Vivaldi 1678 – 1741                                                        
Concerto La Notte (The Night) g minor, RV 439
Largo Presto (Fantasmi, ghosts) – Largo Andante Presto Largo (Il sonno, the sleep) – Allegro
Solo: Michael Hell, recorder 

Andreas Hammerschmidt 1611-1675                                      
»Nirgends hin, als auff den Mund« in G major
(from: Weltliche Oden oder Liebes=Gesänge, Freiberg 1642/3)
Solo: Philipp Mathmann, soprano

Henry Purcell 1659 – 1695                                                           
»If Love’s a Sweet Passion«
(from the semi-opera The Fairy Queen, London 1692)
Soli: Georg Kroneis, voice & Evilyn Frantic, performance

Johann Sebastian Bach                                                              
Ouverture in b minor BWV 1067

Solo: Katalin Horvath, flute

John Dowland 1563 – 1626   
»Come again«
Solo: Gregory Frateur

Antonio Vivaldi                                                                               
Concerto in C major, RV 114



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Concert info

Thursday 5 May 2022 
 19:30h (doors) – 20:00 (start)
Former St.-Augustinus Church
Kammenstraat 81, 2000 Antwerpen

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