European Bootblack Contest 2022

MSC Belgium and Darklands are proud to present the third edition of the European Bootblack Contest. Following the tradition of American bootblack contests, it is our goal to bring the art of bootblacking to a European audience.

The contest is open to male, female, and sexually diverse bootblacks. They will demonstrate their skills at the Bootblack station in the Darklands market. For specific times, check the updates on our website or visit the Bootblack station at Darklands.

Every bootblack customer will receive a voting ballot when lining up for bootblack service. You are requested to donate a minimum of €5 tip for their service. 50% of tipping will be used to help fund the travel wallet of the European Bootblack 2022.

Contestants are welcome to enter the competition at Details on the contest, entry and assessment criteria, and scoring will be published on the website.

Subscribe as a contestant

Subscriptions will open later this year. 

Prize package

• Sash Bootblack Europe, offered by Evidence

• Travelfund share by WR1
• Alpha Madnes Pass Darklands 2023
• Alphatribe T-shirt

• Madnes Pass Darklands 2023

Prizes may be added to this list – check our website for updates.


Coming soon


Contest info

Bootblack services:
Friday 6 May 2022
Saturday 7 May 2022
hours coming soon
Bootblack station @ market

Contest on stage:
Saturday 7 May 2022
6:50pm – 7:30pm
Main stage