Wheelchair accessibility

Most area’s of Darklands and the parties at Waagnatie are accessible by wheelchair. When possible, we make sure that all cables are suspended in the air and drains will be covered. Some levelled areas in the playroom and the Alpha Lounge require a stair climb. If you would like to access the Alpha Lounge with a wheelchair, our staff will be happy to assist you. And our guest will be more than happy to help as wel. After all, we’re family!

Disabled parking

If you require a parking place near to the entrance, please contact us at least three weeks before the event to get this sorted for you. Please email Customer Relations on to request a disabled parking permit.

Sign-language interpretation

Most of the program  on the Darklands main stage will be supported by sign-language interpreters. Our aim is to make the shows more accessible for the hard of hearing & deaf people.

Please email Customer Relations on if you have any further questions.

Interpretations will be in international sign language.

The interpreters are possible thanks to the kind support of Lola McQueen. We’d like to pass on our utmost gratitude to her for this incredible gesture. And an even bigger ‘thank you!’ to our team of interpreters that have taken our event to a whole new level.