Audiovisual production company ‘Javornik productions’ has been working on a documentary about Darklands in the past months. It covers the timespan from the very last edition in 2020 over the preparations for the next event and wil end after the festival in 2022.

Javornik Productions is looking for visitors from all around the world to play a part in it. We’re looking for people with various fetish interests and we’re going to ask you to film yourself with your mobile phone or own pocket camera as you prepare your trip to Darklands at home, as you travel to Antwerp, checking in in your hotel and how you attend the festival.

If you don’t mind to star on television and be seen on streaming services worldwide, that fill out the form below to submit your application. 

Your application

Fill out the form below to submit your application and possibly star in the Darklands documentary. Everyone is welcome to apply, all genders, races, kinks, from all around the planet. Applications are accepted until Wednesday 26 January 2022.

About the documentary

With this documentary we want to open up to the world and show the wonderful community that we have. We’ll show the diversity, the many kinks and interests. The documentary also reveals behind the scenes footage and the various aspects of the preparation of the event and people involved.

How participants will be portrayed

We will use footage that you film yourself with your smartphone of pocket camera. We’re looking for this kind of footage:

+ Packing your bags at home
+ Traveling to Antwerp
+ Checkin in in hotel
+ Arrival at the festival
+ Attending the festival
+ Returning home

More details will be shared on a later stage.