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The BDSM universe is a source of fantasies – unusual dreams in which perverse games happen between imaginary characters with perfect physiques in ultra-equipped playrooms. It is an alchemy that feeds our minds and puts our five senses into action.

From fantasy to reality

Bond&Co and Dutch rubbermen one more present their Game Area dedicated to fetishism, bondage, and BDSM practices. For the 6th consecutive year, the Dutch Rubbermen group and the Bond & Co collective will run this Demo Zone. It will be the meeting point between gay novices and confirmed followers of bondage, mummification, electro, and vacbeds/vac cubes. It gives everyone an opportunity to discover these games and enjoy the equipment.

This experience is accessible to all, and can be enjoyed during vendor market opening hours. The aim is to share it in a light-hearted, friendly and safe spirit. Bond & Co and the Dutch Rubbermen group will send their experts in these disciplines and invite you to live new experiences through participatory and fun demonstrations. They will transport you to parallel universes where you will surrender to the expert hands of the instructors. With both confidence and the acceptance of constraints, you will live new sensations. 


Reduces freedom and can make submissives very docile. It is realised using numerous different techniques. Bondage can also allow you to leave the ground and fly weightless.


Abandonment and rebirth at the same time. Cocooned like a butterfly .
Only the brave will cross the playroom threshold to discover some of these disciplines.


You’re completely covered with a second skin which perfectly moulds to the shape of your body, giving you maximum sensation. Your entire body will vibrate in contact with the external elements.

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