Darklands takes the lead in the evolution of playrooms. The worlds biggest playroom  houses dozens of slings, benches and various play equipment. Our design team draws out the perfect composition keeping safety and quick evacuation in mind.

A dedicated light plan provides the perfect atmosphere in each of the various areas. Some dark, some lit, but all horny as hell. 

Back in 2020 Darklands was the first to extensively decorate a darkroom. Subtle lighting, multiple levels, and an erotic ambience will further enhance your experience as you dive deeper into the realm that is Darklands.

Themed zones

The playgrounds at Darklands offer several themed zone’s such as a wet area, mirror room and puppy play area. It offers unique experiences such as our sling carrousel ‘The Penetrator’ and the ‘Fuckbox’ for anonymous encounters.

Fist zone


The Darklands playroom has a dedicated and serviced area for fist lovers. A place with limited capacity so you can focus completely on your play without getting interupted.

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Hosted by: FFunDeluxe & I Love Fist

Bondage Dome


Dungorium is bringing a fully equipped space for bondage in the main darkroom in Hall 2.

At your disposal are a cage, extended bondage chair,  bondage and spank bench, bondage frame. Bring your own rope or restraints if required.

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Crackstuffers Bar


The main darkroom wil have a bar for the first time. Crackstuffers in collaboration with Steeltoys, has created a special play device. It’s a new addition to the Dakrlands playroom.

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Safety is of the utmost importance for us. We want you to relax and enjoy. All our installations are checked by an accredited inspection and certification institute. The darkroom equipement is made by the best builders in Europe.

Lube, condoms, gloves and hand sanitizer are provided for free.

Playroom impressions