Darklands and We Are One have supported events and elections around the world by donating prizes for elections or taking adverts in event program guides. We believe that a community will thrive if we support both recent initiatives as wel as wel established players.

In 2018 we sponsored 23 different events, and in 2019 we provided support for 34 events. There are more to come. We Are One and Darklands have committed to support the community builders of our time..

Titleholder elections are usually sponsored with prizes for the winner, and first and second runners up. Prizes can include VIP and/or combi tickets for Darklands, and merchandising such as t-shirts or caps. On several occasions we have also donated a small amount for the titleholder’s travel fund (typically €100/US$113 to €150/US$170) and/or offered tokens for the upcoming Darklands (similar value). For International Mister Leather and Bootblack, we’ve added a three-night hotel stay during Darklands. In 2019, prize packages per election ranged from €500/US$565 up to €1500/US$1695.

Get support for your election / event

If you are organising a fetish community event or title election then Darklands is looking forward to support you. Send an e-mail to including the event / election details and we’ll get back to you to sort things out.

The only thing we ask in return is that you mention Darklands proportionally in your communication  and at the event / election itself. We can provide you with the Darklands logo.

Beneficiaries of past years

A selection of organizations and events that we have proudly supported in recent years.

Antwerp Pride (Antwerpen, Belgium)
BLF (Berlin, Germany)
Christmas Charity Dinner (Manchester United Kingdom)
Crash Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (Cleveland, United States of America)
CSD Cologne Fetish Truck (Koln, Germany)
Festish (France)
Folsom Europe (Berlin, Germany)
Great Lakes Leather Alliance (Indianapolis, United States of America)
Hamburg Leather Weekend (Hamburg, Germany)
International Mister Leather (Chicago, United States of America)
International Puppy & Handler Weekend (Indianapolis, United States of America)
Italian Fetishman (Italy)
Mister Fetish Gran Canaria (MAspalomas, Spain)
Mister Fetish Italy (Padova, Italy)

Mallorca Fetish Week (Spain)
Manchester Rubber Weekend (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Maspalomas Fetish Week (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)
Mental Health project by Dries, Mr rubber Europe
Miss Leather Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Mister Fetish Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)
Mister Leather Italy (Padova, Italy)
Mister Bear Belgium (Brussels, Belgium)
Mister Sneakers Belgium (Belgium)
Mister Boots Fetish (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Mister Leather Europe (Rome, Italy)
Mister Leather Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Mister International Rubber (Chicago, United States of America)
Mister Puppy Europe (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Mister Puppy Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Mister Rubber Europe (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Mister Rubber Spain (Barcelona, Spain)
Mister Rubber Poland (Warsaw, Poland)
Mister Superhero Fetish (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Nice So Fétiche (Nice, France)
PIG party Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Robust Party (Antwerp, Belgium)
Warsaw Fetish Weekend (Warsaw, Poland)
Xtreme Cologne (Cologne, Germany)
Mister Latex France (Paris, France)
European Puppy & Handler Contest (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Mister Puppy Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Nice So Fétiche (Nice, France)
Summerfiesta (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)