Everyone Welcome

Everyone Wellcome is a project started by Mr Leather Europe 2017 Joe King. He wants to make our community events more accesible: “If someone is planning an event which can welcome everyone then you can display the logo on your publicity, which shows that consideration and provision has been made for all groups of our community: disabled, trans and women if possible for example. I’m hoping that once this gets adopted people will understand the benefit of adapting their events, not only to benefit the community, but will also be positive for organisers in economic terms. We all understand that not every event will be suitable, sex parties and male & female only nights etc, which is fine, and some places wont ever be accessible due to their geography and layout. But I think that its important that we plan for inclusivity right from the start.

Darklands supports the initiative in various ways . The ‘Everyone Wellcome’ project enables us to go even further in welcoming guests to Darklands.


We try to keep cable, wires and drains in the air above peoples head as much as possible or when that is not possible, build a ramp or cable/drain tray and alternative routes.
Upon proof of the blue parking card, special reserved parking space is available. (Parking at the venue entrance)
Guidance dogs are allowed on the festival grounds. Make sure they are easy recognizable.
Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the festival site.

Click here for more information about guests with disabilities.

Hearing impaired

At the daytime festival several parts of the program will be offering an interpreter for our guests with hearing difficulties. Click here for more information about guests with disabilities.

Medical Prescriptions

Darklands conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs. If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate when asked for.

Dietary restrictions

Bringing your own food or drinks to the event is not allowed. If you require specific nutritiens or suffer from dietary restrictions (gluten or lactose intollerance for example) you are more than welcome to bring that along with you when you bring a valid medical certificate.

Transgender guests

If you are a transman (women to man) you are very much welcome to visit the men-only parties. Because we love men that love men. Transwoman are very welcome to join the Darklands daytime festival or the mixed parties.

Female guests

The daytime festival is open to all. Due to it’s sexual nature the parties at night are men-only. We hope to find a partner in the near future to add a mixed party to our program.