Geartunes Live! Antwerp

Imagine a room full of rubber, leather, pup, lycra, cotton and any other gear you can think of. Add Broadway showtunes. Add songbooks. Add a cast of guest singers from our own fetish community, aided by a core team of experienced singers on stage. Add laughter, frivolity and being able to make new friends. Add the opportunity to raise funds for charity. All coming together in a safe, welcoming environment. That’s Geartunes Live!

Performing artists

Core team:
+ Andrew Holt (producer)
+ Stephen Hamilton
+ James Carr
+ Stevio Blackheart
+ Chris Hibbert

Guest singers:
+ t.b.a. in 2022

ANDREW HOLT – You may recognise Andrew as Mr Rubber UK 2019, but it doesn’t end there! Andrew has been performing on stage for over 25 years, including 1000 Cruise Ship performances, multiple solo summer cabaret seasons across Europe, festival appearances, corporate events, studio work, and most recently his online cabaret series “The Cocktail Hour”, which gained over 30,000 views. He also performed at the Leeds Arena in 2019, which is his proudest moment to date. Geartunes Live is Andrew’s fundraising project as part of his Mr Rubber UK title, so far producing 7 shows, and raising over £4,500 for UK LGBTQ+ charities. Andrew can’t wait to produce the show for Darklands.
STEPHEN HAMILTON – Stephen’s passion for the stage started as a child, where he would learn the ropes and tread the boards all across Ireland’s theatres. As well as performing in many Musical productions, Stephen was the main lead singer at Bunratty Castle, as well as supplying many studio backing vocals for well-known Irish vocal artists. Following this, Stephen studied dancing, and after graduating, toured with some of the best dance companies Ireland has to offer, the pinnacle being the Choreographer for Dublin Castle’s Nutcracker Ballet Christmas performances. Stephen is delighted to be involved in Geartunes Live, and to be a part of it’s amazing cast.
JAMES CARR – James graduated from Rose Bruford Theatre School in 2001 after studying European Theatre for three years. During this time, James developed his love for musical theatre, which he’d been interested in since he was a child. James has worked as a semi-professional cabaret performer for the last eight years, focusing on musical theatre and jazz. James has performed in many iconic venues, including London’s The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Manchester’s Lowry Theatre, and his alter ego, Vivienne Lynsey, is well known across the UK. James is honoured to be performing as part of the cast for Geartunes and can’t wait to perform on stage in leather for the very first time.
STEVIO BLACKHART – This 27-year-old leatherman living in Milan, is something of an icon. Please welcome…. Mr Leather Europe! Stevio says “When the fetish community took my hand, it was one of the best things that happened in my life, because the Internet couldn’t show me how warm people within the community could be. I met so many people that changed my life forever, and I will bring some of them in my heart for my entire life. I’m Mr Leather Europe 2020-2021 and my mission is to bring more young people to the fetish community by showing the warm and friendly side of it.” Stevio says he loves singing in the shower, so get the hot water ready… he’s about to make a big splash with his Geartunes debut, and we can’t wait to welcome him onto our stage.
CHRIS HIBBERT – Geartunes Live regulars will immediately recognise Chris, who performed in nearly all of the UK shows during the first 2019-20 season. Chris says he started singing before he could talk, and from there, the world was his stage! He’s performed on the West End stage in London, and venues across the UK, and even a trip to Nashville in the USA. Chris says, “I have always sung for the joy of singing, and there’s nothing better then a West End classic to get you yum-pa-paing together! I also love perfoming ballads, dance, and country music too.” Chris can’t wait to be back at Darklands with the Geartunes team, and to sing his heart out on stage with us.

Watch the show & table seating

Everyone with access to the Darklands daytime festival can join the show. We also offer premium table seating with the best view on the stage. These seats are sold to collect money for charity. All the profit from ticket sales will be donated to the WR1 Foundation, collecting money for the titleholders travel fund and charity at Darklands.

The London team


  • You can purchase tickets for seating through our ticketing page.
  • Bring your seating ticket to the stage area.
  • A crew member will show you to your place. 

Become a guest singer

Show producer Andrew Holt is looking for 10 – 12 guest singers from all over the world. If you would like to join us on stage and sing for charity then fill out the form below. Andrew will get in touch with you soon and select our stage stars.

The London team

Required tickets

Show info

Thursday 5 May 2022
7pm – 9pm
Darkland Mr-S-Leather Stage
Included in your day festival access
Seating: € 20 p.p.


Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp