Geartunes Live! Antwerp

Imagine a room full of rubber, leather, pup, lycra, cotton and any other gear you can think of. Add Broadway showtunes. Add songbooks. Add a cast of guest singers from our own fetish community, aided by a core team of experienced singers on stage. Add laughter, frivolity and being able to make new friends. Add the opportunity to raise funds for charity. All coming together in a safe, welcoming environment. That’s Geartunes Live!

Performing artists

Core team:
+ Andrew Holt (producer)
+ t.b.a.

Guest singers:
+ t.b.a.

The London team

Watch the show & table seating

Everyone with access to the Darklands daytime festival can join the show. We also offer premium table seating with the best view on the stage. These seats are sold to collect money for charity. All the profit from ticket sales will be donated to the WR1 Foundation, collecting money for the titleholders travel fund and charity at Darklands.


  • You can purchase tickets for seating through our ticketing page.
  • Bring your seating ticket to the stage area.
  • A crew member will show you to your place. 

Become a guest singer

Show producer Andrew Holt is looking for 10 – 12 guest singers from all over the world. If you would like to join us on stage and sing for charity then fill out the form below. Andrew will get in touch with you soon and select our stage stars.

The London team

Required tickets

Show info

Thursday 5 May 2022
7pm – 9pm
Darkland Atlantis Stage
Included in your day festival access
Seating: € 20 p.p.


Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp