Gear Market

Darklands has brought together many fetish brands over the years with several new names finding their way to the 2022 edition. There’s no other place on the continent where you find this many brands under one roof. Many of them launch new products or do special rates during Darklands.

Although you can remain in the venue for the Fusion party after the festival on Friday, the fetish market closes earlier. The last possible entry is at 8:30 pm with full closure at 9pm. In the meanwhile the bar and Mr-S-Leather Stage offer drinks, food and entertainment.

Market map

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Market info

Friday 6 May 2022:
4pm – 9pm
Last entry: 8.30 pm!
Saturday 7 May 2022:
1pm – 8 pm
Sunday 8 May 2022:
1pm – 6 pm