Chocolates for vaccines

After the last edition of Darklands, we found ourselves in the eye of a storm due to the outbreak of monkey pox virus.

Fortunately, a vaccine was already available. That enabled everyone to act quickly and mitigate the spread of the virus. 

However, in Belgium there were very few doses of the vaccine available. Many of us faced a long wait before we could be vaccinated as a result.

Luckily for us, our French neighbours had excess stock of the vaccine and decided to share their supplies with us. Belgians took advantage of that offer in big numbers. Once the vaccine was available, we could easily make an appointment to obtain our shots. 

Darklands Chocolate Fest

At Darklands, we haven’t forgotten about the generosity of France! That is why Darklands (in collaboration with In Choc) is organising a special event during the 2023 festival. It’s our way of saying thanks to our French friends and the help they offered.

Yes, it’s the ‘Vive La France’ Darklands Chocolate Fest! Tom and his team from In Choc invite all Darklands visitors to join in and enjoy a fine selection of Belgian chocolates for free!

Thursday 9 March
4 – 5 pm
Interstellar Bar (Outpost Darklands)

A gift to our French neighbours

All guests from France are welcome to collect a free box of chocolates at the event. You need to register in advance and bring your ID or passport with you when you come to collect your gift. Click on the button below to register for your free box of chocolates*.

Need more chocolate?

If you can’t get enough of the chocolate, we are also offering a selection of Tom’s best chocolate in our merchandise shop! Buy them for yourself, or as gifts for your mum, friend, lover, maybe even your boss!

You can also select your own box at In Choc itself. The shop is located near Waagnatie and, especially for this weekend, they have a special Darklands pack on offer. Be sure to visit their shop if you’re looking for some delicious Belgian chocolate!

If you’d like to find out more about In Choc, visit:

* One box per person. Only valid on presentation of your French ID or passport at pick-up. Registration until limit reached.