Mr Fetish World 2024 Election

Together with our main sponsor, Darklands, we proudly announce the first worldwide title contest encompassing all fetishes.

The contest runs from Wednesday to Sunday during the Darklands festival 2024. Expect a most atypical contest. Various rounds all take place on different Darklands stages. No interviews behind closed doors, everything happens in the presence of the audience and fellow contestants.

Prepare for golden buzzers, golden tickets, unexpected plot changes and a lot of funny questions!

Apply as a contestant

Time to hand out the most powerful sash ever!
Are you a fetishist in heart and soul, and dare to show it?
Are you keen on making a difference for our global community?
Will you represent us all at the most amazing fetish events worldwide?

To subscribe you need to be 21 years or older, male or transman.
You need to be a citizen of planet earth, although we can make exceptions to this.
You need to be available during Darklands from Wednesday 28/2/2024 until Sunday 3/3/2024.

To enter the contest you cannot hold an active title, or participate in an ongoing contest. You also commit yourself not to participate in any other fetish contest from the moment your subscription is accepted. If you become the new Mr.FetishWorld, you will be able to participate in any other contest at the earliest when this title ends.

You can register as a contestant between November and 15 December via the link below. After submission you’ll receive contest details and rules.


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