European Puppy & Handler Contest 2022

In 2020 we elected the fifth Mr. Puppy Europe titleholder at Darklands. To celebrate this, and to move forward we are proud to announce changes to our contest and how we are getting ready for a more inclusive future.

From the next title year, during the election taking place at Darklands, we will drop the ‘Mr’ from the title and open our contest up to all genders. We do this in line with many of our European contests that have already dropped genders. After five male titleholders, we are ready to welcome the next, whichever gender they may be.

Furthermore, we would like to announce that we will also be running our very first Handler contest! Running alongside our puppy contest, this will lead to our very first elected European Handler.


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Public vote

Public voting starts later this year.


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Show info

Sunday 8 May 2022
various hours
Darklands Main Stage