What's new in 2022

No two editions of the festival are the same. Each year gets you discovering the new festival grounds, the darkroom layout and the decorations. For the upcoming edition we got a lot of new things for you to explore.

New in 2022

 The Boots: extra opening day
For the first time The Boots will open its doors on Monday evening. Click for more info.
 Outdoor area
Because of the move to May Darklands will offer an outdoor area with bar. More info coming soon
 Darklands visitor center 
During the day from Wednesday till Monday you can stop by our visitor center across of Mister B for information, wristband exchange, tokens and some refreshments. More info coming soon.
 Camp K9 open during the parties
For the first time pups and their handlers will be able to access Camp K9 during the parties on Friday and Saturday night. Click here for more info.
 Power Dynamics lounge
This separate area is completely dedicated to masters and their slaves. With a limited number of people who can get in at the same time, this is the perfect setting to make use of the play furniture, crack a whip or have the boy fetch a drink for the master while he’s seated in the salon. More information coming soon!
 50 Years MSC Belgium
The Belgian fetish club MSC Belgium was supposed to celebrate its 50th birthday last year but cancelled all festivities due to the pandemic. Time to catch up! More info coming soon.
 Geartunes Live!
The boys from the UK are coming over to give us an evening filled with Broadway musicals, show tunes and gear. Click here for more info.
 First European puppy & handler contest
The Mr Puppy Europe election is being transformed to a contest for both puppies and their handlers. The contest is open to all genders. Click here for more info.
 3 dance afterparties
For the first time Darklands offers three great afterparties at Club Cargo. The sex afterparties at The Boots keep on going, but these are more suited for those who would like to dance a little longer.
 Venue renovation
During its closure the venue has gotten some extensive renovations including new toilets, a new bar area and changed darkroom area.
 Mystery event
Saturday 15 May we’ll announce the new show on Friday night. IT’s going to be as spectacular as it gets!