The Hardplay Area is a play space dedicated to true BDSM play.

During the Fusion and Rage parties the Hardplay Area will become Master Giacon’s playroom, monitored by his team for your pleasure and safety. 

Access wil be limited to provide the proper space for play. You will have the possibilities to meet and talk to BDSM experts, exchange ideas in many ways and ofcourse play! 


Black Body




The Hardplay Area is located in Hall 2 on the first floor of the main playroom. It is easily accesible via the stairs on the right side of the main bar.

Master Giacon

Master Giacon is right at the top of the Master pyramid. He has an endless amount of gear and toys – and he knows how to use them to make your wildest fantasies come true… Domination is his life, and the reason he exists. He works from an incredible villa in Bologna which has been converted to one of the best play spaces on the planet. But he also plies his elite trade on the world’s luckiest slaves, subs, and beginners.


Supervised play times:

Friday 1 March 2024 
12 – 6 am (during Fusion party)

Saturday 2 March 2024
12 – 6 am (during Rage party)

Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen