Darklands - The Documentary

Darklands The Documentary is a mesmerizing creation by director Roland Javornik, that unveils the tantalizing secrets of this renowned gay fetish-festival. It transcends boundaries, captivating audiences with an otherworldly experience that knows no limits. Behind the closed doors of Antwerp’s awe-inspiring Waagnatie, this grandest indoor gay fetish event in the world with around 8000 international visitors, awaits, ready to unlock a world of unparalleled allure. 

Through the eyes of mastermind orchestrator Jeroen and his sister Nathalie, “Darklands” grants you an unprecedented insider look into their remarkable journey of challenging taboos and unearthing hidden treasures. This groundbreaking documentary broaches sensitive topics such as sexual identity and fetish in a captivating, non-explicit manner. Experience the birth and evolution of this groundbreaking festival, intertwined with the stories of vibrant international characters, unfolding over an unexpected three-year journey.


16:9 – 5.1 surround sound – 84 min – Color


WEDNESDAY 20 September 2023 
19:30 – 23:00

Kaasstraat 4/6, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium


This event is by invitation only, but we are handing out several duo tickets for the preview. including welcome drink and reception after the film.


Complete the form below before September 12, 2023. A not so innocent hand will draw the lucky winners of this contest. The winners will be announced in the next newsletter after the draw.

Please note that the screening takes place in Antwerp and visitors must arrange their own transport and accommodation if necessary.

This contest has ended.

The winners of the duo-tickets are:
Michiel Stas
Dwiko Anggara
Erik Hendrickx
Marvin Gosez
Ben De Maerschalck
Rony Potvliege
Bart Van den Hoogen
Tom Didden


They will be contacted by e-mail.