Due to the move of the Visitor Centre from Falconsquare to Waagnatie the Tantric Yoga classes unfortunately have to be cancelled. We hope to resume that program in 2023.

This event will introduce you to gay tantric yoga as a liberating sensorial experience. It’s based on ancient Eastern texts, contemporary yoga, and psychology. 

In this session, you will get your body ready for the weekend with gentle stretches to loosen your joints, tone your muscles, and deeply relax. We will also cover the theory of tantric gay sex, followed by an optional group practice.

For Who?

The session is suitable for beginners of all ages/body-types. Join us in your favourite gear or naked. Music by DJ Bruno Chagas.

Instructor Diego

Instructor: Diego is a tantric yoga teacher and scholar. He has been teaching tantra, yoga, and meditation for over 20 years.


Please check this page again soon for the location of the event. 

Book your place

As soon as we have a location confirmed you can book your ticket in the Darklands online ticketshop.


Fetish Tantra Yoga