Travel information

Parking near the venue

Next to the venue is a large automated public parking. Parking costs €5 per day. Don’t forget to pay at one of the payment terminals. License plates are automatically registered when entering and leaving the parking. If you forget to pay you will receive a fine.

Public transport

Several busses and trams stop near the venue. These are the closest stops:

Antwerpen Amsterdam  – 100m
Antwerpen MAS (Line 7) – 200m
Antwerpen Londen (Line 24) – 200m

All these stops have wheelchair friendly ramps.

Click here to visualise the stops on a map. Enter location: Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen.

City map

Traveling to Antwerp

Many ways lead to Antwerp, Europe’s gay harbour.

Antwerp’s close proximity to Holland, France and Germany and with direct flights from London City to Antwerp or a 30 minute train journey from Brussels makes Antwerp a very accessible city.