Ticket exchange

What is ticket exchange?

Many visitors decided not to attend Darklands 2020 in light of the looming pandemic. In general those tickets would not be eligible for a refund.

However, due to the exceptional circumstances we at Darklands would like to make a warm gesture to those who decided not to join in 2020. We are happy to offer 50% on your entrance ticket for the 2022 edition or the 2023 edition (dates t.b.a.). You can ask for discounted tickets until 31 August 2021. Until then we will keep your ticket type available for you.

Who can make use of this offer?

Every person who bought a tickets but didn’t use it can exchange it. You can not transfer your ticket to another person. This is a personal gift from us to you.

Which tickets can be exchanged?

All entry-tickets can be exchanged for a discounted one:
+ Dark World pass
+ Alpha Madness pass
+ Madness pass
+ Daytime festival
+ Fusion
+ Rage
+ Fury

Donating your ticket

Next to exchanging, you can also opt to donate your ticket in support of the impact the pandemic had on Darklands. The financial loses have brought us back to square one and we have a long road ahead of us before we reach a stable situation again. Any support is very welcome.

Exchanging or donating tickets

All you have to do is fill out your name and e-mail address (the one you made the purchase with) and we will send you a link to buy the same* discounted ticket for 2022.

*The offer is valid for a similar ticket. For instance, if you bought a Madness pass in 2020 which you didn’t use, you can now purchase a Madness pass for 2022 at half the price. Changes in ticket type are not possible.