Donating the surplus of drinks

The leftovers

When the festival comes to an end there’s usually a stock of drinks that can’t be returned to the beverage wholesaler. We’re talking about damaged packaging, loose bottles and such more. Darklands donates the leftover stock to Community Center Stroboerke.

Community Center Stroboerke

Community center Stroboertje consists of 2 projects; food distribution towards 1473 families on a weekly basis who are in need of support. Next to that Stroboerke als has a social restaurant where a budget-friendly daily menu is offered with healthy and fresh ingredients.

The community center is also a place where people can follow various courses to help them get back on their feet and find their way in society.

Everyone has the right to a healthy diet and a liveable life.
And while 1 in 5 children in Belgium grows up in poverty today, that’s why the community center is doing such an important job. Darklands is proud to support this initiative.