Exhibition Jan Scheirs

Jan Scheirs, one of Antwerp’s leading painters, attended Darklands in 2022 to create a series of sketches, made on the fly, of the event and its visitors. The result of his work can be admired in the exhibition area next to the Main Stage. 

Jan also offers personal portrait drawings on the spot. Ask him or his team for more information.


Meet Jan Scheirs

Jan Scheirs (° Sint-Martens-Latem / Ghent 1973).
Sint-Lucas Ghent 1989-1992
Conservatory Theater Dora van der Groen 1992-1994

Jan Scheirs, an Antwerp painter who portrays man and society on canvas. He also worked on several projects as a speed sketcher and graphic artist. In many works and drawings, unshakable and fresh male bodies are central. Strong figures in narrative compositions that are linked to current events, art history and personal psychoanalysis. After several successful exhibitions in Antwerp, he has also completed projects in Berlin and London in recent years.

Jan Scheirs is a fixture at the annual Antwerp Pride. He triumphed in the 2018 edition with a huge five-part series about the different aspects of being ‘queer’.

Central to his work is the relationship of the individual to power, the media and society.

Picture by Marcel Lenartz