Sling Rental


Rent the original Mr-S-Leather Tri Sling for your room.

Get the action right there in your room.


The Darklands Hotel offers a portable sling rental service which you can put in your room. 

The sling comes with a utility package including cleaning materials, condoms and lube.

(for your entire stay from pick-up on).

You will be charged a deposit of € 200 which will be refunded after return (if the return requirements are met).

The slings fit into any room type (we’ve checked them all with the manager 😉 ).



The sling rental is done in collaboration with Mr-S-Leather and Underground Amsterdam.

Sling use & return

We expect you to use the rented item with care and in normal conditions. When you pick up your sling, you’ll receive a complimentary box including lube, condoms, disinfecting wipes and assembly instructions.

The box also includes several Fetish Pads. We ask you to put these on the floor at all times during use to prevent stains on the hotel carpet.

Respect the neighbours of the hotel and keep your window blinds down while playing. 

In the Sling Rental Box you’ll find a packages of disinfecting wipes. Use these to clean the sling (frame, canvas sling and other parts) before you return it. 

On the day of your departure you can return the sling at the bar staf of the hotel since the Darklands desk will be gone by then. The staff will register your sling number and ask you to sign the return form. You’ll be asked to mention any damages.

The hotel staff will not refund your deposit. Our team will refund your deposit within three weeks after Darklands if we’ve received your sling in clean and undamaged conditions.

Send in your sling booking request

Click on the button below to submit your booking request. Please note that a booking is confirmed once the payment is received. All info on that will follow by e-mail.

Equipment Rental Agreement: Deposit, Payment, and Refund Policy

  • Slings can be picked up at the Darklands Welcome Desk during its opening hours on Thursday and Friday.
  • Equipment must be returned in clean condition and must include all supplied accessories (except disposables).
  • Returns: on the day of your departure at the bar staff in the hotel lobby.
  • Upon clean return without damages, your deposit will be refunded to the bank account of its origin. 
  • Repair costs will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Refund fee in case of cancellation is € 20.
  • More details during the booking process and e-mail communication afterwards.

The amount of available slings is limited.

Hotel address

Darklands: The Hotel
(A-STAY Antwerp) 

Antwerp Central Station

Pelikaanstraat 86
2018 Antwerp,

+32 (0)3 535 35 53