Guest Information

If you stay at one of the host hotels, you’re in for several extras! On check-in you’ll receive a limited edition goodie bag and a personal shuttle card that offers these benefits:

     –> Quick queue at the Darklands entrance 
     –> Free shuttle bus transportation between hotel and parties * 


* Courtesy shuttle busses and Hotel Guest Card benefits are only available for host hotel guests with a shuttle card, who booked via the official website This does not include bookings made directly at the hotel or online booking websites.

Goody bags

Staying in one of our host hotels? On check-in you’ll receive a limited edition Darklands goodie bag.

The goody bag contains:

– Darklands map & program summary
– Latest shuttle bus updates
– A discount voucher booklet
– Shuttle Card(s) to use the shuttle bus
– Discount voucher for Darklands merchandise
– Partner information
– Goodies and surprises