Gear Zones

After many requests it is finally time to introduce gear zones at Darklands. The upperdeck of one of the playrooms will be the gathering place for kindred spirits.

Make sure to visit the gear zones you like. Feel free to bring friends along, even if they are not wearing the type of gear that is advertised. The gear code is not enforced.


You can find the gear zone area on the upperdeck of the playroom between the central plaza and the Mr-S-Leather stage. (Marked with a yellow X on the map below.)


11 pm – 12 am Army & uniform
12 – 1 am Leather & Biker
1 – 2 am Rubber
2 – 3 am Sportswear
11pm – 12 amSkingear
12 – 1 amNaked
1 – 2 amSuperhero & spandex
2 – 3 amPVC – plastic – neoprene


Upper deck Darkroom Hall 1