“Friends were a precious commodity during the past dark period.
For you, for us, for everyone. These friends of ours are once again ready for you.
Stronger together – United as one”
In support of our friends after a dreadful time, Darklands has launched the “Friends Project”. Right at the main entrance, a 15 by 3 meter banner offers visitors a view on the companies, events, bars and clubs that are once more ready to welcome the members of our community.
Every professional is welcome to send in their advert, no charges. After all, a gift doesn’t require something in return.

Who can participate?

All professionals in the fetish community are welcome to send in their advert.
This include: bars, clubs, shops, events, organisations , … , that cater for our community.

How to participate?

Create an appropriate advert for the Friends Project. A warm message for our community. Send in your advert to Use the instructions below. First come, first served. We accept submissions until we run out of space on our wall.

The full document size you should send in measures 820mm wide by 455 mm high.
Resolution: 150dpi, cmyk, jpg or pdf

The safe area where all important information must be kept in measures 760mm wide by 395 mm high.

This means you must keep at lerast 30 mm from each border with important content.