Fetish Brunch

The traditional Sunday brunch is pure enjoyment with a wide variety of choices. 


Mini Croissants and coffee cakes – Assortment of fine meats
Prepared salads – Oven fresh rolls and sandwiches

 Mozzarella with basil and tomato – Home smoked Scottish salmon with fine onion, parsley and lemon

 “Caesar salad Royal”
(Roman salad, crispy chicken, Parmesan, raisins and croutons)
Durum wheat groats, tomato cubes, onion, green pepper, and raisins mixed
 “Greek salad with olive oil”
Cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, bell pepper, feta, black olives and onions, vinaigrette of olive oil and herbs
Pasta salad

Warm preparation “eggs at their best”
Crispy fried bacon
Crispy sausages
Warm fish-meat preparation, pasta


Homemade sweets

Valid Access With

Valid Access With a Fetish Brunch Ticket in combination with an Alpha Madness Pass, Madness Pass or Darklands Day Festival Ticket

Brunch Info

Fetish Brunch
Sunday 12 March 2012
12 am – 2 pm
€ 35


House Of The Heart Restaurant
Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen