Frequently asked questions

YES! You will be able to buy a locker at the event Small at 7 euro and Large at 10 euro (not many are available) PER event. 
If you come for eg on Friday to Day Festival and to Fusion you will have to buy a locker for Day Festival. At the end of Day Festival you need to take everything out of your locker and you will have to get a new locker for Fusion.

It’s time for you to get in gear. Click here for all the detail about our dress code. Cross dressing is not allowed, that’s another event.

Workshops or Masterclasses are available for a small charge of € 10. You can order tickets for workshops online. We allow 20 attendees every time, be sure to be in time. Click here for more information about our Masterclasses.

Parts of the darkroom will be available during the day. Some parts may be closed due to activities taking place. Condoms, lube and gloves are at your disposal for free.

The easiest way is by car. There is a large parking area in front of the venue, at only €5 per day. If you take a taxi, ask them to drive you to ‘Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150’. They’ll all know it. On only 100 meter from the venue there is a city bike rental station (Rijnkaai) as well as several bus and tram stops. Click here for more information about your voyage to Darklands.

Yes you can enter and re-enter Darklands with your wristband as much as you like.

A weekend locker is at your disposal throughout the entire weekend, starting Thursday at 6pm till Sunday at the closure of the closing party.

The general refund policy on event tickets applies. A refund for personal reasons (changed plans, sick, family problems, etc …) is not possible. A full refund is possible if the event is cancelled when ordered so by the government due to the covid situation.

In normal circumstances a ticket is bound to the name printed on it. However, due to the changing nature of the pandemic, it is possible to sell your ticket to another person for the 2022 edition of Darklands only. Make sure you know and trust the person that you buy your ticket from. Do not become victim of fraud.