Antwerp, a pocket size metropolis at the banks of the river Schelde has a rich history throughout the ages. Know best for its diamond trade and designer fashion (The Antwerp 6) it also hosts one of the worlds largest ports.

Below you can find group excursions and information to visit the city individually.

Pipi's Hysterical City Bus Tour

Pipi’s hysterical city bustour takes you along the highlights of the city. There are, however, no guarrantees.. Pipi is your guide and will fill you in on all the details you really don’t need to know about Antwerp. that said, this bus tour is sure to leave you with pain in the jaw muscles. Luckily the free bubbles soften the torment.

Click here to get more information about the bus tour and see some video impressions from 2020.

Fetish City Walk

Don’t feel like exploring the city on your own? Join us for the fetish city walk.

Click here for more information about the fetish city walk and see some impressions from previous years.

Tourist information

Free city maps, tours, ticketing, etc.

Grote Markt 13, daily between 10 am and 17 pm
Central Station, daily between 9 am and 17 pm


Understanding the locals 🙂

Antwerp is located in the Flemish region of Belgium, so Dutch is the official language. But the Antwerp dialect is rather infamous, thanks to the dirty “A” and sharp “I” sounds. But since it’s being spoken in popular tv shows, it must be a world language, right?

Locals often call the city “t stad” (meaning thé city). They don’t use this expression with irony. In fact, many people consider Antwerpians to be rather pretentious. It clearly doesn’t help that locals refer to anything outside of town as “the parking lot”. But in the end it’s up to you to discover whether or not we are overselling our city. We just think we’re being confident.

Antwerp is a very diverse and multicultural city, as people from more than 170 nationalities call this city home. There is a large community of people from Moroccan descent and there’s also a significant Jewish population.

When Antwerp people go drinking, they give rounds of drinks. Don’t ask to split the bill and certainly don’t buy a drink behind the back of your friends, because the next round will be on someone else anyway.