Covid-19 information

Covid-19 Refund policy

We know many of you are eager to meet up again at ‘home’ in Antwerp for Darklands 2022. However, the ongoing nature and changing dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the event.

We are constantly monitoring developments and government advice to ensure that Darklands 2022 can take place, and in the safest environment possible. Below you will find information about transferring tickets and hotel bookings if the event cannot proceed, and how we will ensure the safety of Darklands 2022.

Transferring tickets and hotel bookings

Most of our hotels offer a full refund possibility up to the day of arrival. Please visit the hotel pages on this website to learn more about the cancellation policy of your preferred hotel.

In normal circumstances, Darklands tickets are non-refundable. But we are happy to accommodate switches or refunds because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets for Darklands 2022 can be switched to 2023, or refunded* if:

  • The event is not allowed to proceed by the Belgian government. You can either switch your ticket to 2023 or ask for a refund*.
  • You are prohibited from travelling to Belgium by the Belgian government or restrictions in your home country. Again, you will be able to switch your tickets or obtain a full refund*.

In case of cancellation of the event, ticketholders will be contacted by Darklands shortly after any cancellation notification or restrictions are announced to confirm their choice. If you are prohibited to travel by the authorities, you can submit a refund request on this page, from mid March 2022 on.

If you switch to 2023 and you are not able to visit Darklands that year, you can still ask for a refund at that time.

Refunds* will be made as soon as possible, our goal is within six weeks of the cancellation notification.

*NOTE: Transaction costs cannot be refunded.


When you have bought a ticket at one of our outlets (The-Boots, Mister B Antwerp, Mister B Amsterdam) you can return the tickets to the place of purchase and get a refund.

Ensuring the safety of Darklands 2022

It is possible that special measures will be in place for Darklands 2022 to ensure the safety of everyone attending. We will be guided by recommendations from the Belgian government and other relevant authorities. For example, we may require proof of vaccination and/or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

We will continue to issue regular updates about our COVID-19 safety policy as and when new information becomes available.