Area hosts

Darkland has teamed up with leading brands to upgrade your experience and take it to the next level. By combining the strength of this event and the expertise of these partners we guarantee to lift your spirits.

Darklands 2022 area hosts

 Darklands City Bar & Visitor Centre
Mister B hosts the new Darklands City Bar & Visitor Centre on the square in front of their shop. Stop by for a drink, information, wristband exchange and to socialise with other visitors.
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Power Dynamics Lounge

A private space at Waagnatie for a limited amount of participants where power play can be enjoyed in an undisturbed salon for masters and their subs.
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Mr-S-Leather Stage

Mr-S-Leather hosts the second stage at Darklands.


Reef Bar & Terrace

Mr. Riegillio hosts the new Reef  Bar & Terrace in the middle of the gear market.
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Regulation proudly hosts the new Masterclass area at Darklands 2022.
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Camp K9

Mr-S-Leather not only sells the most famous puppy hood, they also host Camp K9.
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Bondage Dome

Dungorium hosts, the bondage dome. Try their equipment!
More info coming soon.


The Kraken Bar

The Kinksters are releasing their kraken on you. No escape!
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Recon hosts the first outdoor area at Darklands.
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Crackstuffers Bar

Crackstuffers hosts the very first bar inside the main darkroom.
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Fist Zone

Reegür proudly hosts the dedicated fist zone in the main darkroom.
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Snack bar

Monkey Sergeant has  an excellent taste for leather and food.
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The Boots and Steeltoys offer you the best darkroom experience.
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